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Auto Accident & Injury Attorney

James founded his firm in 2005 after leaving his position as an attorney at a defense law firm. Not long after founding the firm, James was hired to represent many individuals and families who had their lives destroyed by the BP refinery explosion in Texas City, Texas.

Since then, James has successfully represented thousands of people and businesses in various legal matters, including personal injury claims, business disputes, insurance claims, hurricane claims, and commercial litigation. James tried one of the first lawsuits related to Hurricane Ike and took many more to the eve of trial for many business and home owner clients.

More recently, the San Antonio Injury Law Firm has been active in assisting thousands of cleanup workers and businesses which suffered injuries and losses due to the BP Deepwater Horizon Spill. Every year since being founded, the San Antonio Injury Law Firm has represented clients in legal matters and obtained just compensation for its clients who have been personally injured or suffered damages in business and insurance disputes. James has instilled his firm and staff with his relentless tenacity to effectively represent the firm’s clients with the utmost duty of candor and loyalty.

Prior to founding the firm, James gained a wide breadth and invaluable work experience working at some of the largest national and state based law firms in Wisconsin and Texas. In his career, James has written federal opinions for a federal judge and worked for many large defense law firms.

In law school, James served as a managing editor of the Wisconsin International Law Journal and his article was one of few selected for publication in that journal. His experiences have given him the perspective to manage his firm’s cases efficiently and effectively.

In the beginning of his legal career, James was an aggressive defense attorney with a Houston insurance defense firm where he learned how the “insurance racket” works. As a defense attorney, James practiced in the areas of insurance coverage and defended clients in the areas of construction law, real estate law, toxic torts, products liability, commercial litigation and arbitration, personal injury and wrongful death.

In college, James worked and studied in real estate, engineering, and internet technology as a student and as an entrepreneur during and after his college studies. To self-finance his education, he had obtained multiple academic scholarships to several top-tier universities across the United States and was heavily recruited by many Ivy league schools due to his competitive college entrance exam scores and his ranking number 4 in his senior class of nearly 400.

Despite the offers, James decided to stay in Texas and attend the University of Texas at Austin to study chemical engineering in its reputable program. In his chemical engineering studies, James excelled and obtained an internship with a large engineering company in Houston called Bechtel Corporation at which he reviewed process flow diagrams and wrote a visual basic program for engineers to use to perform calculus and differential equations. He was in the advanced sequence of his studies in the middle of his junior year before he decided to change his major to economics and pursue a career in law.

Before finishing his studies in economics at the University of Texas, James co-founded a popular internet based business in Austin which provided marketing and social services to students and to companies marketing to students. The company exploded in popularity and was advertised on the radio within 3 months of launching and became one of the most visited websites in Austin by university students. Also while in Austin and only at the age of 20, James obtained his real estate license and began selling and leasing real estate all over the Austin area.

Today, James still owns interests and invests in real estate and internet technology companies. Through his experience, James has learned how the judicial system perceives insurance and personal injury claims and the common strategies of insurance defense law firms and the insurance companies that pay them. Through his business and entrepreneur experiences, he understands what makes businesses successful and how to protect valuable business interests.

James comes from a large family from Sugar Land, Texas. His paternal grandmother came from a Sioux Indian reservation in North Dakota after meeting his grandfather who served in the Air Force in WWII with his brothers. Other parts of his family sought refuge from the violent Mexican Revolution which occurred in the early 1900s. They all settled in Sugar Land eventually and many of his family members worked hard and tirelessly at the Imperial Sugar Refinery for decades to support their families while living in housing subsidized by the refinery.

In high school, James worked nights and weekends as a ranch hand driving tractors, as a grocery sacker at Gerland’s, as a car washer at an auto dealership, and as a dishwasher at a local restaurant. It’s from this experience and this great line of fighters, survivors, and blue collar workers that James has developed his tenacious work ethic and his deep empathy for his clients’ circumstances.

James leads an active life when he’s not busy helping his clients. His personal activities and hobbies include attending weekly church services, participating in various charities for the poor, needy, and immigrants, cycling, weight training, boxing, playing the piano, gardening, snowboarding, managing real estate interests, assisting animal rescue organizations, and traveling.

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