Driver Runs Red Light Causing Accident

Driver Runs Red Light Causing Accident

According to reporting from News Four San Antonio, a driver running a red light caused a three car accident. The wreck occurred at around 11 p.m. on Martin Luther King Drive. Thankfully, only minor injuries were sustained in the accident. We all put a lot of faith in other drivers. When drivers fail to obey basic safety regulations, such as red lights, it can lead to serious injuries. If you have been injured by another driver’s negligence in Texas, you should contact an experienced car accident lawyer to learn more about your legal options.


Texas Red Light Accidents: Proving Negligence


Negligence is the basis of most Texas car accident claims. Essentially, you have to prove that another party was negligence in order to hold them liable for your injuries. Negligence has four basic elements:



  • Duty: First, you must prove that a duty of care existed. A duty of care is a legal obligation to look out for the safety of another party. In car accident cases, this step is relatively straightforward. It is well established that drivers have an obligation to look out for the safety of everyone else on the road.




  • Breach: Once you have proven that a duty of care existed, your case can move on to the ‘breach’ element of negligence. A breach is a violation of the established duty of care. Running a red light is a clear breach of the duty of care. Drivers are legally obligated to follow state and local traffic laws, violating those laws is unsafe operation. It puts others at serious risk. In a Texas red light accident, proving a breach may not be that difficult. It depends entirely on the evidence available in your situation. For example, if the other driver was issued a red light citation by a San Antonio Police Officer, then you have very compelling evidence of their breach. If no red light ticket was issued, your car accident lawyer can use other methods to prove that breach occurred, such as finding eyewitnesses or recreating the accident.




  • Causation: Even after you prove that the other driver ran a red light, thereby breaching their duty of care, you still need to prove causation in relation to your accident. For instance, if the other driver, ran a red light eight blocks before your accident, causation would not be so clear. In your red light accident case, causation might not be a major issue. But, it is still a necessary element of negligence.




  • Damages: The final step of negligence is proving your damages. If you were not actually damaged by the red light accident, then you will not be entitled to compensation. The ‘damages’ element is always critical. You deserve a full recovery, in order to get it you will need to prove the full extent to which you were damaged.



Contact an Experienced San Antonio Car Accident Lawyer


Drivers violating traffic regulations, such as ignoring red lights, cause a large percentage of Texas car accidents. A violation of traffic law can be used to prove negligence in your car accident case. At the law office of San Antonio Injury Lawyer, our experienced San Antonio auto accident legal team works hard to hold negligent drivers accountable for the harm they cause. If you have been injured in a Texas car accident, contact our San Antonio office today to set up a free case evaluation.